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    Summer School K - 4th Grade
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    Seattle Public Schools
    2017 Summer Staircase Program

    Dear Parents and Guardians of Elementary School Students in grades K-4,

    I am pleased to invite your child to apply for Summer Staircase! As you may know, students who continue learning during the summer are better prepared for the next school year and less likely to lose the knowledge gained during the school year.

    Knowing the importance of a quality teacher in your child’s learning, we will be recruiting our most talented, dedicated, and enthusiastic teachers. Students will receive breakfast, lunch, and transportation free of charge. Summer Staircase will run, daily, from 8:00-1:00 starting June 28th and will end on July28th.  There will be no school on July 4th. If you are interested in before or after school care for your student, I encourage you to contact your local community center or child care provider to find out what options are available.


    All students are welcome to apply, but preference will be given to students that are below grade level as determined by: classroom based assessments, MAP, and /or SBA. 

    **Due to the design of the program, students may not miss more than three days (3 days)**.

    We want your partnership in this! Here are some activities you can do at home with your student:

    • Motivate your child to enroll: Talk up summer learning at home as much as you can, including the chance to make new friends and participate with them in fun summer learning activities.
    • Offer incentives: What does your child like to do? Try providing incentives for hitting attendance and achievement goals. This does not have to mean spending money, and could be a day with you or with friends—whatever you know motivates your child best.
    • Encourage attendance and punctuality.
    • Participate in the Parent Workshops available at your school where you can learn to advocate for your child’s education.
    • Encourage your child to read out loud to an adult or older sibling every day for at least 30 minutes.
    • We have sites spread across the city this year and your student will be placed at the location closest to your home address.

    Together we can help your student climb the Summer Staircase to academic success!  

    Keep this page for reference and complete the next page to enroll in the Summer Staircase Program!
    Complete and return this application to your teacher.

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