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    Family Bulletin June 7 2021
    Posted on 06/05/2021
    Hello June 1 2021

    Upcoming Dates:

    June 9 (Wed) PTSA General Meeting with guest speaker 6:30 pm (Zoom)
    June 10 (Thur) 5th Grade Seymour Kaplan Celebration 5:00 pm (Zoom link below)
    June 15 (Tue) Kindergarten Celebration 5:00 pm (Zoom)
    June 16 (Wed) Covid Vaccination #2  2:00 – 5:30 pm (at the school)
    Pups to Wolves Celebration 5:00 pm (Zoom link below)
    June 17 (Thur) 8th Grade Promotion 5:00 pm (Zoom link below)
    June 18 (Fri) Middle School – no classes (laptop and material drop off) 8:30 – 1:00
    Last Day – Early Release 1:30 pm

    Register in advance for PTSA General Meeting with David Lewis
    June 9th  6:30 pm

    Register in advance for the 5th Grade Seymour Kaplan Award Celebration
    June 10th  5:00 pm

    Register in advance for the Pups to Wolves Celebration
    June 16th 5:00 pm

    Register in advance for 8th Grade Promotion
    June 17th  5:00 pm

    New Information

    1. Middle School Students - If your child has not already done so, please return the novels and any unused workbooks from the Language Arts pilot units completed this year.  Also, any math materials you may have such as calculators.  Attach a post-it note with your name to the books and bring them to your LA teacher if you attend in-person classes, or prepare to bring them to school when you drop off your laptop

    Staff Changes for Next Year:
    • Richard Musser returning to 2nd Grade
    • Susan Acker taking a year of leave
    • Rebecca Hoff moving to 3rd Grade
    • Robin Villanueva moving from SpEd to 4th Grade
    • Cheryl Manor and Susan Rushing Retiring
    • Andrea D’Asaro – Displaced
    • Kelly Walter replacing Dr. Holmes (Becoming Principal at Pathfinder K-8)
    • Thank you to Emma Cornwell, Erica Cox, Stacey Collings, Morgan Aieken, Richard Marshall, Brianna Pimentel, and Annie Bell for filling in for some important positions this year!

    2. News from the Hazel Wolf Library and Dr. V  - Please take a look around your house, under beds and car seats, on your bookshelves, in backpacks (old and new), and anywhere else a library book might be hiding; then bring those books back to either the Library Bins in the Kinder Pod, 1st/2nd Grade Pod, or 3rd/4th Grade Pod OR to our spiffy new Return Bin outside the main door to the building.  Dr. V will be sending out emails listing your books early in the week so you know which ones to look for.  Thank you SO much for your help!!
    3. Early Returning of Devices - Reminder to those families who want to return devices early, there is a cart available in the main office to return devices now.  Please fill out the Device Return Form to turn in with your iPad or laptop (at:  file:///C:/Users/elvaldez/OneDrive%20-%20Seattle%20School%20District%20No.%201/Covid%20Plans/Summer-2021-Student-Return-Form.pdf).  This form is especially important if something is broken or not working on your device.  There will NOT be any charge for broken devices.  Please also return hot spots, chargers, cases, iPad keyboards, and any other accessory you received.

    4. Hazel Wolf Vaccine Clinic, Wed, June 16: The second vaccine clinic coming up on Wed, June 16th from 2-5:30pm. Here is some additional info from Seattle Fire Dept. about the second clinic:
    1) Students and families can get their first OR second dose at the second date school clinics. SFD will make second dose appointments for people getting their first dose when they check-in.
    2) Students who got their first dose from SFD (at school or another site) do NOT need another parent/guardian consent form for the second dose of the vaccine.
    3) Students who are getting their first dose or received their first dose from another medical provider DO need a consent form or parent attendance for consent.
    Download consent form here.

    Volunteers Needed -- we are looking for a few more volunteers to support the clinic, please sign up for a shift.

    5. Summer Wolfpack Meet-Ups – Stay connected, meet new friends and help welcome new families over the summer! We have scheduled some K-5 meet ups, as well as grade-specific meet ups. Here is the schedule so far, with more dates coming soon for 2nd, 3rd and Middle School. A hosts for the incoming 5th grade class and Middle School are still needed – if interested, please contact Sabra at

    June 23rd, Weds: 12pm-3pm at Magnuson Park
    August 2nd, 3pm-5pm at Matthews Beach

    July 8th, Thurs: 12pm-3pm at North Acres Park
    Aug 8th, Sun: 4pm-6pm at Meadowbrook Park
    Aug 18th, Wed: 12pm-3pm at Pinehurst Park

    1st Grade: July 14th, Weds: 3-5pm at Meadowbrook Park

    4th Grade: July 18th, Sun: 6-8pm at Pinehurst Park

    6. Ballard High School Performing Arts – they are closing out the year by celebrating our students’ resilience, strength, and commitment, with a series of Spring year-end virtual concerts featuring all bands, choirs, and orchestras. The free performances will air as live watch-parties for friends and family, with recordings available on YouTube. Refer to the BPAB home page for details.  The concerts round out a year that reflects “our unity and community in the arts at Ballard High School,” says Courtney Rowley, Director of Choir.


    1. PTSA General Meeting with guest speaker, David Lewis, Weds. June 9th - Everyone is invited to join the final PTSA General Meeting of the school year. We’ll be hearing from guest speaker, David Lewis Psy.D., who is currently the Program Manager of Behavioral Health Services for Seattle Public Schools. He will be focusing his talk on anxiety related to our students’ experiences this past year during the pandemic and promoting social-emotional well-being for yourself and your family as we emerge from the pandemic.

    Also, we will be voting to approve the 2021-22 Executive Board and budget. This is a meeting you don’t want to miss! The meeting is on Weds, June 9 and begins at 6:30pm.

    Register in advance for this meeting. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

    Learn more about David Lewis on the PTSA blog.
    Also, check out this Parent Map article about David Lewis

    2. 8th Grade Information – We have finalized some of the details for promotion, and they are as follows:

    June 16 (Wed) 5:00 pm – Zoom celebration for our 34 students who have been here since Kindergarten (Pups to Wolves)
    June 17 (Thur) 5:00 pm – Zoom Promotion Ceremony for all 8th graders and their families.  Individual names will be announced along with a slide show and speakers.
    June 18 (Fri) 8:30 – 1:30 – No classes, but students will come to the back of the school to pick up diploma, award if they received one, pups to wolves picture, and special cupcake.  This will also be the time they drop off their laptop and any school materials they may have.  8th Graders, try to come between 12:00 and 1:00 if you want to see more of the MS teachers!
    Remember to send in a baby picture, and current “graduation” picture for all 8th graders, and a Kindergarten picture if you started here in K.

    3. MS Coaches – We are looking for Ultimate Frisbee Head & Assistant Coaches. Links to the positions are below.
     Ultimate Assistant Application

    4. Middle School – Fall Sports registration form is below.

    5. Class Placements for 2021/2022 – We have decided to try something new next September.  Typically we divide students in three classes and assign them to a teacher.  This year the teachers will put together some “draft” cohorts based on what they know about the students.  With the remote setting it’s been really difficult to fully get to know the students and see what they would be like in a regular class of 26 or 28.  The students will rotate among the 3 teachers for the first 2-3 days of School (Sept 1-3), and then the teachers will finalize who is with which teacher.  This is basically the same way we have run Jump Start in Kindergarten, and have had fantastic results. 

    6. Ipad/Laptop Turn In – We will need to collect ALL tech equipment at the end of the school year.  This includes not only the ipads and laptops, but keyboards, covers, hotspots, etc.  If your child is attending summer school, you won’t need to return until end of July.  It is important to get all of these as they will stop learning and need to be reimaged for fall.  The plan for this is the following:

    • Starting this week, materials may be dropped off at the front office during normal school hours
    • K-2 in person students, we will collect on Thursday June 17th
    • 3-5 in person students, we will collect on Friday June 18th
    • MS (in person and remote), students/families can drop off between 8:30 and 1:00 on Friday June 18th.

    7. MS Advanced Math OptionsMeeting Recording  Password is 4ugOLh%C

    8. MS Increased Hours – You may have seen or heard that MS and HS students will return full time the last week of school because we need to increase their hours by 6+.  As a K-8, this DOES NOT apply to Hazel Wolf K8 students. 

    9. Volunteer for PTSA Family Support Team – Summer is approaching, and the Family Support team will be continuing support for families in our school community. We are looking for a few more volunteers this summer.

    FAMILY SUPPORT DELIVERY DRIVERS: Volunteers are needed to make deliveries to families on Thursday afternoons. You don’t need to make a regular weekly commitment. Instead, you are added to a text group that is notified each week asking for volunteers. You can volunteer when your schedule allows. Please contact Tracy with any questions or to be added to the text group:

    WEEKEND BACKPACK VOLUNTEER: Volunteer driver is needed to pick up food at the University District Food Bank (Roosevelt District) every other week on Thursday or Friday throughout the summer. You would be alternating weeks with another volunteer driver. The food would be dropped off at a volunteer’s house who will be assembling food for deliveries.

    10. Art News - The annual Seattle Public School District’s Naramore Art Show for middle school and high school Art students is virtual this year!  Hazel Wolf K-8 has 9 students this year accepted into the on-line show. Congratulations to all of our students.
    Virtual Museum runs: May 12 – June 30, 2021 at
    Celebration on SPS TV Channel 26: May 21 at 6:00 p.m.
    Instagram: Use the hashtag #artistsofsps

    11. Join Next Year's PTSA Board – We are still recruiting for next year’s PTSA Board. If you want to get involved, but are not sure how, feel free to reach out to Marina & Camille our co-Presidents with any questions,

    Here are the board positions open for the 2021-22 school year. Check out the board job descriptions here:

    * Executive Board openings:
    - Co-Treasurer (1 position open):
    - Co-Vice President (1 of 2 positions open):
    * General Board openings:
    - E-STEM Coordinator:
    - Fundraising Coordinator: 
    - Homeroom Rep Coordinator:
    - Membership Coordinator:
    - Social Events Coordinator:
    - Special Fund:
    - Student Enrichment Coordinator:

    If you’d like to learn more, please email the contacts listed above for each position. All current position holders are available to help with transition and questions. We are speaking with interested candidates now. Then ideally we will vote on new Executive Board members at our June PTSA General Session Meeting.

    12. COVID Emergency Relief Fund - Please consider making a monetary donation of any size at: These funds are distributed by Principal Nelsen to HW families directly impacted by the pandemic.

    13. In-kind Donations for HW Families – The PTSA continues to organize and disperse donations to families in our community who seek additional support. The Target wishlist is regularly updated and items will ship to a volunteer’s address, view the list here: Also, you are welcome to drop off donations at a volunteer’s house. Please email Tracy for more info: