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    Family Bulletin
    Posted on 02/22/2020
    Black History Month 2020







     New Information

    Feb 24 REC Meeting 6:00pm

    Feb 26 PTSA Board Mtg. 6:00 pm

    Feb 27 MS Drama Class to Paramount “Frozen”

    Feb 27 Restaurant Night Fundraiser (Papa Murphy’s Lake City)

    Feb 28 Field trip – 7th Grade to Recology Center (part of class)

        K-5 Movie Night 6:00 pm

           Auction Item Donations Due

    Mar 4       Field Trip – 2nd (Musser & Boni) to Bellevue Arts Museum

    Mar 5       Field Trip – 2nd (Dorje) to Bellevue Arts Museum

    Mar 6       Field Trip – 7th Grade to Recology Center (part of class)

           Buddy Day / Spirit Day (Crazy Hair Day)

        White Women: How Can We Do Better Talking About Race and           Racism?”  6:30 pm


    New Information

    1.  Girls Soccer Camp - This summer, the Ingraham girls soccer program will be again running two weeks of day camp (July 6th-10th and July 27th-31st).  The camp is reasonably priced ($100 per week) and is intended for elementary school aged recreational players. Flier is included at the end of the update.

    2.  Middle School Spanish – We wanted to clarify where we are in offering Spanish next year at Hazel Wolf K-8.  Previously, we were able to offer Span 1A in 7th grade, and Span 1B in 8th grade.  This provided 1 HS credit when students went to HS and passed the first year test.  With the new curriculum recently adopted, 8th graders will be able to take Span 1A 1st Semester, and 1B 2nd Semester.  This keeps the cost at a reasonable amount since we only need to offer one class so it will continue.

    We would like to hear your thoughts about Black Lives Matter Week at Hazel Wolf. Please take a few minutes to share your view:


    Survey for parents of elementary students:


    Survey for Parent of middle school students:


    4.  Auction items due at the end of the month! Auction items big and small are still needed! It’s the biggest fundraiser of the year, help us make it success. More info and donation forms are available at: or email:, with any questions.

    Desserts needed! If you enjoy making desserts, contributions to the Dessert Dash are needed. Contact Kelli Charboneau,

    Volunteer: We can’t make this event happen without you! Please consider volunteering the day-of or at the auction event, sign up at

    5.  HW parent Racial Equity Committee Meeting – Monday, Feb. 24, 6:00-7:30pm, Library. REC holds monthly meetings and opens them to all HW parents, guardians, grandparents, teachers, and staff every other month. Please join the meeting to hear about what the committee is working on.

    6.  Papa Murphy’s Restaurant Night Fundraiser, Thurs, Feb. 27, ALL DAY -- Pick up a take & bake pizza from Papa Murphy's in Lake City on 127th St, and they will give 40% of proceeds back to the PTSA. This is valid all day. Just mention you're with Hazel Wolf.



    K-5 Movie Night - There will be a Movie Night for Grades K-5 on Friday, Feb. 28th from 6:00 -8:00 pm.  No charge to attend this event but lots of refreshments will be sold. 

    It’s not too late, buy your auction tickets online. Limited tickets available at the door. – Buy online at:  The Hazel Wolf K-8 PTSA Auction and Parent Social is happening soon! Book your sitter for Fri, March 27, and join us for a fabulous night of games, bidding, specialty drinks, and bidding.

    “White Women: How Can We Do Better Talking About Race and Racism?”

    A Workshop/Conversation from the Hazel Wolf PTSA Racial Equity Committee 

    Friday, March 6    6:30-8pm    Hazel Wolf School Library

     Contact:  Maureen McCauley at

    Why the focus on white women?

    Well, we are a significant part of the current dominant culture in the US. White women are well-represented in service professions such as nonprofits, education, social work, and nursing. We are in a good position to leverage those realities for anti-racist work. 

    That said, white women often struggle with the balance of being helpful and cooperative, and being able to speak out against racism, something with which we have no experience in any kind of daily and historic way. We may have grown up not thinking about race and not talking about race. We want to be good people, and may be afraid of making mistakes. Further, here in Seattle, we are surrounded by the reputation of a liberal, progressive culture. We have a great opportunity to be genuine accomplices in the work against racism. We welcome everyone to join us.

    What do white women know about racism? Why are white women talking about anti-racism?

    We white women are often not comfortable talking about race and racism, though we may have good intentions, and we want/need to do better. We are aware of the dangers of centering whiteness, and hope to find a balance in talking about race and taking actions that are anti-racist.

    An overall goal of the workshop is for white women to learn to talk, among other white people, about whiteness and racism, in a space that allows for thoughtful introspection and conversation. One important definition of racism is prejudice plus power, or a system of advantage and oppression based on race

    For example, I recognize that as a white person, I do not experience racism, though I may experience prejudice and surely experience sexism. I have white privilege. I recognize that black, indigenous, and people of color (BIPOCs) experience racism in a personal and systemic way, historically entrenched over centuries, as well as through institutional racism and via daily micro aggressions.  We acknowledge that BIPOCs are the experts. We will provide resources that have been written and researched by BIPOCs. We are doing this work with the guidance of BIPOCs, and at their request, so that they do not have the added burden of educating white people about racism. The work can be uncomfortable and challenging, and we must do it now.

    Who will be speaking at this workshop?

    There will be 4 of us, all who self-identify as white women. Our professional backgrounds are in education and nonprofits. We all have children; one has grandchildren. One is part of an interracial family. We are all on Hazel Wolf’s Racial Equity Committee. We do not claim to have expertise: we are very much learning to be better allies and accomplices. We will share our own stories about how we are working to be better anti-racists, and how we are teaching our and learning from our children. We will share our mistakes, our stumbling, our lessons learned, and our suggestions for bringing about real and positive change. In alphabetical order, we are Kristen Cater, Zoe Leverson, Maureen McCauley, and Kelly McIntyre. Join us!


    Ingraham Girls Soccer

    2020 Summer Soccer Ram Camp


    Complete all information and mail in with your payment to: Ingraham High School Girls Soccer

    Attn:  Mike Wentzel 

    1819 N 135th Street

    Seattle, WA 98133

    • WEEK 1 - July 6th-July 10th,  8am-12pm (Monday – Friday) $100          
    • WEEK 2 - July 27th-July 31st, 8am-12pm (Monday – Friday) $100
    • Both weeks - $180 (camper will only receive one ball and one T-shirt)


    CAMPER NAME_____________________    T-shirt Size:    YS    YM    YL    Other: ______    

    CAMPER GRADE ________       AGE_________      SCHOOL  ______________________ 


    PHONE NUMBER(S) TO REACH PARENT DURING CAMP:_______________________________________     

    EMAIL ADDRESS FOR CAMP UPDATES & INFO: ______________________________________________ 


    NAME________________________________________     RELATIONSHIP_________________________

    EMERGENCY PHONE ________________________________   

    ANY MEDICAL ISSUES/THINGS TO BE AWARE OF (i.e. allergies, asthma, etc.): ______________________ ______________________________________________________

    PAYMENT:  Please make check payable to IABC      (the Ingraham Athletic Booster Club)

    Week 1 - $100   Week 2 - $100  Both weeks - $180 Registration due date:  by June 29th 

    RELEASE OF LIBILITY I understand and agree that the participation of my child in any camp or sports clinic held at Ingraham High School is voluntary. I further understand and agree that Ingraham High School is not liable for any injury, damage, or other loss which my child may cause or incur, or may cause others to incur, while using the facilities or equipment. I authorize all medical, surgical, diagnostic, and hospital procedures as may be performed or prescribed by a treating physician for my child if I cannot be reached in any emergency. I further agree that neither I nor my child will bring any claims of any kind against Ingraham High School and/or its soccer camp employees as a result of any injuries, expenses, or damages that I or my child may suffer in connection with my child’s participation in the camp, whether such claims are known or unknown or arise in the future. 

    PARENT/GURADIAN NAME (Please Print): ______________________________________________ 

    SIGNATURE:  ____________________________         DATE:  _______________________

    Please contact Mike Wentzel at with any questions.