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    Principal's Weekly Bulletin Sept 21
    Posted on 09/20/2020

    Upcoming Dates:

    Hazel Wolf Office Hours – The office is open for phone calls from 9:00 – 3:00 pm every day.  We cannot guarantee that there will be someone available to hand off individual supplies and materials unless it has been pre-arranged between the teacher/admin/office staff.

    Sept 23 (Wed) K-5 Library Curbside Pick Up 2:30 – 4:00 pm
    Sept 24 (Thur) K-5 Library Curbside Pick Up 3:30 - 5:00 pm
    Sept 30 (Wed) MS Library Curbside Pick Up 2:30 – 4:00 pm

    Oct 1 (Thur) Town Hall with SPS School Board Directors, 6:30pm
    Oct 14 (Wed) PTSA General Session Meeting, 6:30pm
    Oct 20 – 23 Picture Days

    New Announcements:
    1. Math Workbooks – We are still waiting on 4th and 6th grade math workbooks and will let you know when they are in the building and available.

    2. Picture Day - Picture Days will be October 20-23, from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. This year Yuen Lui photographers will be taking our staff and students pictures.
    Families can start booking for school pictures here: The Yuen Lui studio is located at 924 NE 63rd Street. You can also contact them at, if you have questions.
    All of our information about studio pictures this fall are on our webpage dedicated to Hazel Wolf K-8 here:

    3. Grade Level/Grade Band Q&A Nights – Last week we had a very successful Kindergarten Q&A session with families and Kindergarten staff.  This has inspired us to do it for all grade levels, and/or grade bands.  We will be sending out more information about this next week. 

    4. Class Engagement – As we get started with this new year, we are beginning to hear from some of you that parts of what we are offering for instruction, “isn’t working”, or “isn’t the best fit” for your child.  We do understand this, and know the ideal is to be in person.  Although we want every child to be a part of all that is being offered, we know some of you may not do so.  Three things we want you to keep in mind.  First, we can mark the student present, if we see sign of engagement somewhere in the day (joined class meeting, turned in assignment, etc..).  If there isn’t a sign of the student at all, we need to mark them absent. Secondly, teachers will not be providing alternative activities for individual students, and last of all, when it comes to grading teachers will need to grade based on the evidence they have.

    5. Video Taping of Lessons – Teacher will begin taping/recording some of their lessons so students can still see them if they weren’t able to make it to class. The teacher would need to announce it to the students prior to doing so, and if you have turned in/or plan to, FERPA paperwork, you will need to make sure your child’s camera is off.

    6. Flu Shots - Flu shots for Seattle Public Schools students (regardless of insurance) are available through School-Based Health Centers.
    Visiting Nurse Association is also offering 32 “drive-through” flu clinics at 16 school sites starting September 21-October 2. SPS students and their families, and staff and their families can sign up for an appointment at:
    All School Public Schools insurance, Apple Health, Medicare and credit cards are accepted.

    7. Library Curbside Pick-Up – Hazel Wolf Library Announces Our First Curbside Checkout!!!
    Starting this week Hazel Wolf students should be able to go to the Hazel Wolf Library Catalog (called Destiny Discover) and select books for remote checkout to be picked up at school next week. The following document and video will show families and students how to put a hold on books at the library using their district ipads and laptops.  There are two ways to learn how to put a book on hold.

    Watch the video:  OR Read the PDF document below:
    Be sure to select Hazel Wolf K-8 as your library when you are on the Follett sign in page.
    Students will be able to put up to 5 books on hold.

    K-5 Students and families:
    - We ask that you place your holds no later than Monday, Sept. 21st at 3pm.
    - Pick up books at school at two times: Wed, Sept. 23rd at 2:30-4:00pm or Thurs, Sept. 24th at 3:30-5:00pm. 
    - We realize that the process for putting books on hold might be a bit much for Kindergarteners and 1st Grade Students, so we will have a selection of fun picture books and favorites from which these students can select 2 books to check out.

    6-8 grade Students:
    - They will be able to place their holds on books up until Monday, Sept. 28th at 3pm.
    - Pick up books on Wed, Sept. 30th at 2:30-4:00pm.

    Important Safety Information for Book Pickup at Hazel Wolf:
    - Please wear masks at all times
    - Maintain 6 feet of distance between family groups
    - Line up at the fence/gate to the right of the office and use hand sanitizer
    - Follow arrows along the building to the Covered Basketball Court
    - The Librarian will help 2nd through 5th grade students gather their books, then they will follow the arrows to the exit through the gate on the SE side of the court.
    - Kinder and 1st grade students will follow the arrows to the Picture Book displays along the far wall.
    - K-1 Students can not touch books while browsing, staff will help students to choose books then they will check out books before exiting the gate on the far side of the court.
    - Bins will also be provided for returning library books from last year.

    8. Classroom Visits – As a parent we know you’ve been helping your children to get online and engage in the instruction, and of course this varies by age/grade level.  We encourage your participation in this way as you feel it is needed.  However, please remember that this is the teacher’s work space and it’s not appropriate to interrupt their instruction to communicate your technology issues or concerns whether this is vocally or in the chat.  If you need to interact with the teacher, please email outside of class time.  They are also receiving a lot of unsolicited advice and videos for remote learning.  Although we appreciate your intent, this actually creates a higher level of stress for staff as they have to adhere to district expectations and don’t have a lot of flexibility.  Thank you for supporting our staff in their work with your children. 

    9. Teams Information - It is important that students login using their SPS credentials and email. We are finding that many of the problems students are having with getting into Teams meetings and breakout rooms are happening because they are trying to enter as "Guest."

    We appreciate how involved and supportive our families are and we understand that your intentions are to help. In order to best support our teachers and help them build community, establish routines, and deliver instruction, we need to treat Teams meetings as we would treat regular classrooms. Anything you wouldn't do during a "normal" school day in a "normal" classroom, please refrain from doing in an online class. This would include things like sending messages in chat during class, interrupting the class during instruction, etc.
    Please ensure, as best as you are able, that your students have logged out of all Teams meetings at the end of the session.

    10. SPS Tech Resource Centers Open for Walk-ins and Appointments at Nathan Hale HS - Students and families can make appointments by calling Student Tech Line at: 206-252-0100 or email: Nathan Hale High School, 10750 30th Ave NE. Parking is available on 110th. Mon. AND Weds: 9 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. Closed for Lunch: 11 - 11:30am. Find details here.

    11. Recording of Kindergarten Open House – If you missed it, the recording is available here:

    12. Welcome and welcome back to Hazel Wolf K-8 - The Racial Equity Committee (REC) (run by families) is back at it and ready to focus on racial equity at our school. We want to give huge props to our former co-presidents, Aselefech Evans and Ardel Jala, for leading us through issues of race at our school for the past 2 years.  They did it with grace, humility and openness to a variety of voices.  Ms. Evans and Ms. Jala quickly pivoted support for students with the student organized protest last year, supporting those student demands, listening to the needs of families and students of color, organizing events at our school for students and events for families to attend.  We are extremely grateful for the groundwork they laid for the family REC group. 

    Last Spring and Summer, two new groups were formed called Community of Practice for White Women and White Men. These groups are for White folks to look inward at their own white privilege and how they can use that white privilege to in a positive, intentional way. This year, we have new co-presidents to lead REC: Nimisha Joshi and Zoe Leverson (more info to come on our 2020-2021 REC group members!). If you have any questions, comments, need clarification, etc., please contact us via our email at In appreciation, Nimi and Zoe

    13. Reflections Art Contest - Open to K-8 students. More details are available on the PTSA blog. Deadline is Fri, Oct. 30. Questions? Contact

    14. Follow-up Virtual Town Hall with SPS School Board Directors - Thursday, October 1 at 6:30pm with Chandra Hampson, Brandon Hersey and Liza Rankin. Pre-registration is required:

    15. Join us at the HW PTSA General Session Meeting – Wed, October 14 at 6:30pm. Join us for our first meeting of this school year. Pre-registration is required:

    16. Family Support Team needs volunteer drivers - We are looking for drivers for Family Support deliveries on Tuesday and Friday weekly. You can sign up and pick when/if you can deliver each week. Please contact Tracy at Also, if you need food support, please don’t hesitate to email or complete this form:


    17. Volunteer as a HW Parent Wolf Pack Lead - This year, instead of homeroom reps, we are looking for volunteers to serve as “Parent Wolf Pack” Leads. We are organizing smaller groups of families that can more easily connect and communicate with each other with the support of a Lead volunteer. If you’re interested in volunteering – fill out this Google Form. We have only about half of the 80 volunteers needed for this program! Any questions, please email Adrienne at

    Also, to be a part of this program, be sure to opt-in to sharing your contact info with other families when your child’s teacher or parent volunteer asks. Read more details about the program here.

    18. SPS Meal Sites Open for ALL SPS Families – Open Monday-Friday, 11:15 a.m. – 1:15 p.m. Pick up sack breakfasts and lunches prepared by our central kitchen. Available for all students, parents and guardians. Students do not need to be in attendance.
    List of all sites here: