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    A message from our Art Specialist, Ms. Mackin


    Here is a suggested basic art supply list for K-2.

    I have adapted my curriculum so students can do art at home with minimal supplies, however, these basics will be useful for upcoming projects.


    1. Watercolor paint- Pan Watercolors are fine. Crayola or Prang (all the same). Most come with a brush. No need to get expensive!

    2. Black Marker (waterproof thick and/or thin “Sharpie” or any other brand).

    3. Color Pencils or crayons

    4. Scissors

    5. Glue stick or white glue

    6. Pencil / Eraser

    7. Recycled plastic container for water when painting

    8. Construction paper


    Optional additional supplies:

    • Oil pastels

    • Magazines or scrap paper for collage

    • Drawing paper 9” x 12” or 12” x18”

    • Markers

    • Any random found objects for artmaking (buttons, wood blocks, wire, fabric scraps etc.,)


      Art Supply Resources:

      Fred Meyer, Target, Artist and Craftsman supplies, Blick Art Supplies, Michaels, Amazon on-line.

      * If there is any challenge in getting the above supplies, I will have art packs available labeled Elementary Art in front of Hazel Wolf the weeks of Oct.19-23 an Oct. 26-30. Also, you can contact me directly if you need to. I will try to make sure ALL students can get these basic supplies.



      Maggie Mackin    cell: 206-841-6029