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Elementary Academics

Kindergarten Weekly Update – March 1 – 5, 2021

Happy Friday Families!

Another fun week in the books.  We participated in “Read Across America” week and the kids enjoyed reading some great stories and also studying the map of the United States.  Ask your child which book was their favorite!  I’d be curious to hear what they say! 

Attached to this email is our weekly content update.  And a few reminders and info about the upcoming week:

Assessment & Check-in Meetings:

  • The meeting will begin with a quick hello with teacher, parent, and student and then I’ll begin assessments with your child.   
  • We will be meeting on Teams

Info About K/1 Return:

  • Here is a message from Ms. Nelsen regarding the K/1 return to the classroom:
    •  “Hazel Wolf K-8 Families, With lots of communications coming out from Seattle Public Schools, it has become confusing to some families.  Hazel Wolf K-8 students will NOT have anyone returning in March.  The earliest anyone MIGHT return, is K and 1st in April.  Thank you!”

Have a great weekend!

1st Grade Weekly Update March 5, 2021

Hey first grade families,

I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Below are our updates for the week.

Book Pick Up

It is time for another round of reading group book pickup. I will be emailing you specifically if you have books to come pick up. We will be placing the bags on the metal cart at Hazel Wolf which gets rolled out each day from 8:30-3:00. You can come by school any day next week during school hours to pick up your materials. If you have books to return (I’ll email you specifically) we ask that you turn those into the front desk so they can be put in our mailboxes and redistributed to the next group. Thank you!

Current Events

We continued to engage in discussions around current events, discrimination, and how we can support all members of our community. We talked about the idea of “color blindness” and how this idea can be more harmful then helpful. It is important for us to recognize and celebrate our differences, because if we don’t recognize the differences between us, we can’t see the structural inequities that affect us differently.


Drawn Together

Eyes That Kiss In The Corners

Read Across America 

This week we participated in Read Across America week. We read a ton of books by diverse authors from all over the United States. We incorporated these stories into our writing lessons and students had a chance to write about their favorite parts of the stories, setting us up for our opinion writing unit which is coming soon. Feel free to explore these stories with your students and ask them which was their favorite from the week.

2nd Grade Weekly Update for the Week of March 1st!

On Monday, we are transitioning to a new version of Microsoft Teams called Microsoft Teams for Education. We’re still learning what this will look like, but for now we want you to know that there will be a new link for our class meeting on Monday. 

Students will be able to find the current link in their Seesaw Inbox, as always, as well as in their Teams app.

Math Help Videos

There are now math help videos for every lesson. They are attached to the lesson’s Seesaw activity. Please see the picture below. Here, students can find a review of the lesson as well as support with individual problems on the workbook page. I hope this will help students during their independent math work time as well as students who may miss the math lesson.

screen shot of math help videos available

March: Loving Engagement and Empathy Principle 

This month we continue our commitment to the Black Lives Matter at School Year of Purpose by discussing the principles loving engagement and empathy and recognizing the work that student activist, particularly Black student activists, have done and continue to do. At Hazel Wolf we embody and practice justice, liberation, and peace in our engagements with students, staff and community members. As educators we know the importance of talking about our feelings and understanding others, and we engage with our students and community with the intent to learn about and connect with each other through empathy. 

Fun At-Home Activity: Coin Collection:  

We are starting a new math unit on money. Now’s the time to dump out your piggy banks! Here are some things you and your child can do at home to practice: 

  • Sort and count coins. Put them into piles: pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters 
  • Play store. Practice paying and making change 
  • Count by 5s, 10s, and 25s 
SubjectLast Week (2/8)Next Weel
MathStudents will solve two-step word problems and find the missing number to balance both sides of an equation.Students write word problems to match equations. They will also solve problems involving coins.
Making MeaningStudents will be connecting texts to the Black Lives Matter principle “Unapologetically Black”  Students identify what they learn from a narrative nonfiction book.
Writing/ScienceStudents observe glass and research where on earth doespapercome from. We work together to paraphrase a non-fiction text about paper. Students use our paraphrased text to write a fun facts page.Students hear, read, and discuss friendly letters. Students write friendly letters to teachers, kindergarteners, and others.
Word StudyNew vicious vowel suffixes: -er means more -estmeans mostSweet consonant suffixes don’t yank: -lymeans in a certain way
Social StudiesBlack lives Matter Year of Purpose: Unapologetically Black

Unapologetically Black assembly: Wednesday, February 24th  
Black Lives Matter Year of Purpose: Loving Engagement and Empathy

Assembly: Wednesday, March 31st

3rd Grade Week-at-a-Glance March 1 – 5, 2021

3rd Grade Week-at-a-Glance 3.1-3.5

*Please note that these plans may be modified depending on student need and issues that arise.

ClassLearning FocusLearning ActivitiesWhat families should know
Science-Continue withEnvironments and Survival. –What makes organisms in an environment more likely to survive or less likely to survive?  -Investigating organisms through photographs and read-alouds -SeeSaw activity on Tuesday and Thursday-We will continue to study different organisms’ traits and make inferences about how these traits help an organism survive. -Students will play a game called the “Pocket Mouse Survival Model.” They will play a virtual version in class on Tuesday, but we will put PDF versions on our Schoology page if you would like to download, print, and play at home as well.
Reading-Practicing learning and wondering with biographies  -Read-aloud and discussion about Sonia Sotomayor. -Note-taking strategies and practice. -DP: Daily IDR Post(Mon-Fri)  – Students will become more familiar with the biography genre and practice learning from non-fiction texts. They will practice taking notes as they listen to this week’s story. Biography collections will be available for students on Epic books and they are encouraged to read biographies during their IDR time.
Writing-Turning notes into paragraphs.-Students will practice taking notes as they listen to a story. Then, they will learn strategies to turn those notes into complete sentences. They will use transition words and phrases to turn their sentences into interesting and organized paragraphs. -Friday: picture of Sonia Sotomayor writing on SeeSaw.  -Turning notes into paragraphs is a highly structured form of expository writing that will support the development of organization and structure in students’ writing. This will act as a transition between the narrative writing we’ve focused on so far and the expository and persuasive writing students will be learning as the year continues.  
Social Emotional Learning-Independent Projects-We will continue with Independent Projects this week. Students will be asked to think of a project idea on Monday, work on it throughout the week, and present it to a small group on Friday during Morning Meeting.-The purpose of these projects is to encourage students to be creative and to have agency with their learning. They are encouraged to create something “off-screen,” although the use of screens for research purposes or creative purposes may be discussed with the teacher and family members.
-This week, students will continue to use flipgrid so they can share videos of their projects with each other!

Assignments due on Schoology or Seesaw:

Mon-Fri Daily-Daily Message Post -Daily IDR Post
Tuesday-Science Activity on SeeSaw -Reading: Take a picture of your notes in SeeSaw
Thursday-Science Activity on SeeSaw
Friday-Share a picture of your Sonia Sotomayor writing on SeeSaw -Independent Project post on Flipgrid

4th Grade Weekly Update – March 1, 2021

Hello Families,

I hope everyone had a nice weekend.  Attached is the weekly curricular update.

Other updates:

MS Teams: We are now switching over (finally) to the educational version of Teams.  There will be limited changes on the student side, but we do have a new meeting link this week.  Links will now be updated every two weeks.  Students can access the meeting through the Teams calendar or as a link on Schoology as before.  I will call in any students having trouble getting on Monday morning.

Art packets: If your student found themselves in need of any art supplies for class last week, Ms. Mackin has now restocked and there are supplies available on the cart outside school if needed.

Black Lives Matter at School Year of Purpose:  This month we continue by discussing the principles loving engagement and empathy.  At Hazel Wolf we embody and practice justice, liberation, and peace in our engagements with students, staff and community members. As educators we know the importance of talking about our feelings and understanding others, and we engage with our students and community with the intent to learn about and connect with each other through empathy.  Fourth graders will be working on a project to go along with this month’s assembly at the end of the month.

Have a great week!

CurriculumWhat did we learning this week?What’s coming next week?
Making MeaningWe readMalala Yousafzai: Warrior with Words and practiced making inferences to understand causes of events in a narrative nonfiction book.  This week we will readSixteen Years in Sixteen Seconds: The Sammy Lee Story about the first Asian American to win an Olympic gold medal. Students will continue to practice making inferences to understand causes of events.  
Being A WriterWe started our new Expository non-fiction writing unit. Students will choose a lesser-known important figure in history to research and present on. This week students were introduced to the unit and learned about eight important people they can choose from.  Students will get their groups this week and officially choose the person they want to research. We will teach them some research skills and they will start gathering information on their people.
ScienceWe began chapter 2, exploring what the environment of Desert Rocks National Park was like in the past.We will learn why different sediments build up in different environments and use the Sim to investigate different rock layers.  
4th Grade MathThis week, we continued work on Topic 5, using strategies to divide by 1-digit numbers. This included interpreting remainders and starting to use partial quotients to divide.  We will continue practicing partial quotients and choosing a strategy to divide.
5th Grade MathWe wrapped up our unit on division.  TBD
Engineering (Hoff)Engineering Challenge:Design a bridge with a truss pattern   spanning the width of 10 inches, using a maximum of 20 straws.

Engineering Challenge:Design a bridge with a truss pattern   spanning the width of 10 inches, using a maximum of 20 straws.

Class Meeting FocusWe will continue to discuss this month’s Black Lives Matter principle: Loving Engagement & Empathy We will continue to discuss this month’s Black Lives Matter principle: Loving Engagement & Empathy

Learning Goals for the Week of February 1st – 5th, 2021

Being a Writer – Dolin

  • Students have now completed the first draft of their space reports.
  • Students will go through the editing and revising process before tying up the final version of their report.
  • Later in the week, students will begin to add various types of text features to their reports.

Making Meaning – Einstein

  • Hear, read, and discuss expository nonfiction book
  • Explore cause and effect
  • Brainstorm what you already know about a topic
  • Write about inferences made in their independent reading and identifying if it is about a cause, effect or something else

Math – Smith

  • Lesson 4-7: Students will use properties to multiply decimals.
  • Lesson 4-8: Students will use number sense and reasoning to place the decimal point in a product.

Math – Peterman

  • Lesson 4-9: Students will write equations to represent the relationships between variables.
  • Lesson 4-10: Students will analyze the relationship between dependent and independent variables using tables, graphs, and equations.

Social Emotional Learning

This month we continue our Year of Purpose by discussing the principle Unapologetically Black. At Hazel Wolf we unapologetically support our Black students, staff, and community members, and center Black joy, Black brilliance, Black history, Black resistance and Black liberation. This week is also Black Lives Matter in School Week across Seattle Public Schools. We will be focusing on a “Week of Action” during our homeroom meetings each day.