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    Library Advisory Committee Meeting Notes


    In attendance: Debi Fournier, Anuska Chorba, Erica Wheeler, Claire Scott, Debbie Nelsen and Melissa Kelly.


    • Library Mission Statement

    The Hazel Wolf K-8 Library aims to empower curious learners to cultivate their individual strengths.

    The goal of the library media program is to provide open access for all students and community members with information and ideas. The program will also provide ready access for all instructors

    The Hazel Wolf K-8 Library encourages life-long learning skills and develops the imagination, enabling students to live as responsible citizens.

    • Check Out Policies

    Students are free to check out whatever books they like. The librarian will not make students only check out "just right" or leveled books. K-2 Teachers will run check out and reminders for their students. Teachers should send students to Ms. Fournier if they are wanting a more advanced chapter book.

    Kindergarten: a letter will be sent out at the beginning of the year explain library policies and procedures (book return and morning access to the library). Every student will get a library stamp the first week of school as a reminder that library time is tomorrow.
    Students who have an overdue book will be given a smiling book stamp as a positive reminder.


    Kindergarten =1 book*
    1st Grade = 2 books*
    2nd grade = 3 books*
    3rd grade = 4 books*
    4th grade = 5 books*
    5th grade = 6 books*
    6th-8th grade = unlimited

    *At some time during the school year, the limit may be taken away.

    If a student has an overdue book (The book has been out for more than 2 weeks.) then the student may not check out another book from the library until the overdue book is returned.
    Students will be given a red smiling book stamp as a reminder.
    If a student cannot find the book, then they may pay for the book or make other specific arrangements with Ms. Fournier. Students should not bring in a replacement for the book without talking to Ms. Fournier first.

    Mature Content
    All books with mature content (sex, violence or mature language) will be labeled with a bright yellow sticker over the barcode on the back of the book. These books can be freely checked out to any middle school students. If an elementary student would like to check out one of these books, a permission slip with details of the text will be sent home to parents/guardians. When the slip is signed and returned, then the student may check out that particular book. If the slip is not returned, then the student may not check out the book from the Hazel wolf Library. Each mature content book has its own unique permission slip.

    End of Year Policy
    Books will be collected and check outs will stop at least 2 weeks prior to the last day of school. Students will be reminded of overdue books. This may happen as frequently as every day. If a student has ordered a yearbook, he or she may not receive the yearbook until all library and school books have been returned.