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    Hazel Wolf K-8 Middle School Electives for Semester 1 2020/2021

    Please return via email / scanned to by May 22nd - after this time, students will be assigned to elective choices on a space available basis.

    Student Name___________________________ Grade Level 2020/21___________________
    All Middle School students will take a full year of math, science, language arts, and social Studies, and a half year of Physical Education. 6th graders are also required to take the semester long Technology/Environmental Studies class. Middle School students will be expected to take PE unless a form is submitted to the principal and approved. Physical Education will only be waived for religious reasons, participation in a regularly organized physical activity, or physical restrictions.

    Below are the possible elective options. Please prioritize interest with 1 being the top choice, 2 your second, etc.

    Elective Choices

    ______ Band

    ______ Orchestra

    ______ Choir

    ______ Visual Arts – In this studio class, students explore art elements through drawing, painting, printmaking, and clay.
    (Taught by Ms. Mackin)

    ______ Drama - Students will study theater games, improvisation, pantomime, story-telling, Greek theater, Shakespeare, playwriting, and more! There is an emphasis on risk-taking, building confidence, creating a safe environment, and learning to work collaboratively with classmates. There may also be performance opportunities outside of class time. Please join us for this dynamic and exciting elective! (Taught by Ms. Burnett)

    _______ MESA – This class focuses on combining math, engineering and science to solve mysteries, create new contraptions
    And to learn about the world around you. (Taught by Ms. Ferguson)

    _______ Coding 101 - If you want to learn to code, or want to improve coding this is the class for you. We will work with coding
    To code sensors, create 3D objects as well as web pages (Taught by Ms. Ferguson)

    _______ Multi- Media - Media Literacy (Multimedia) is a year-long, project-based class about understanding, interpreting, and
    creating multimedia content. Most of our projects focus on photography, video, and audio content. In this class, you will learn about every step of multimedia production. You will have access to video cameras, digital still cameras, lighting kits, microphones, and powerful computer workstations. You will learn how to edit photos and video with Adobe Creative Cloud software (Premiere, Photoshop), and how to work with sound and music using audio workshop software like Adobe Audition and Cubase Elements 9.5. After learning the tools and software, you will work alone or in teams on your own, student-led projects. This class works best for kids with a strong drive to create, who are guided by internal motivation, and who can face unforeseen difficulties without getting frustrated. (Taught by Mr. Fogarty)

    _______ PE – Variety of team and individual activities to keep you active. (Taught by Mr. Riippa)

    _______ Spanish (8th Graders Only) ~ Satisfies 1st year of high school foreign language

    _______ Study Hall Support – This is not a homework class, but a class where staff can provide you with additional assistance in
    Math, Science, and ELA/SS. (Taught by Ms. Blea, Ms. Mah, and Ms. Rotton)
    Please identify greatest area of need: _____ Math _____ Science _____ ELA/SS

    _______ Library Teacher Assistant – manages the books and organized displays in the library. Assists students in use of the library
    and special program. Must submit permission form from Librarian (these students will also be used as office TAs when

    _______ Teacher Assistant (assists in an elementary or MS classroom)

    _______ I am planning on turning in a PE waiver

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