Principal’s Weekly Bulletin

September 7, 2021

Upcoming Dates:

Sept 6   Labor Day (No School)

Sept 9   1st Day for Kindergarten

Hello!  We had a great first three days of school last week.  It was so wonderful to see

twinkling eyes, and I believe there were a lot of smiles under all those masks!  By the

end of the week students, and staff, were all getting used to the new lunch and recess routines.  We’re really appreciating our ability to eat outside in a much more relaxed setting.  Next Thursday we will welcome our Kindergarten students into the pack and get them up and running. 

New Information

  1. Lunch Updates – After seeing kids outside eating, we’ve discovered that when it does begin raining, we can fit whole grade band cohorts (K-2, 3-5, 6-8) into the covered areas and will not need to eat inside.  When it begins to get really cold, we will need to readjust.  Please remind your students to sit an arms length away from each other, and put their mask back on after taking a bite.   We have also just received small yoga mats that students will be able to grab to sit on.   
  • Student Drop Off & Pick Up – Wehave two student drop off areas.  The first is on northbound 12th Ave NE prior to reaching the circle, the second is from 117th eastbound, turning left at the circle and dropping off along the sidewalk on 12th Ave NE.  There is no dropping off on 117th.    We also ask that you DO NOT park in the parking lot at Pinehurst Way and 117th as that belongs to a local daycare.  Last of all, please don’t hang around on campus after picking up your students.  We are seeing a lot of it in the council circle and ask that you move down the street to the park.        
  • Essential Volunteers – Although all Hazel Wolf K-8 families are considered essential in our minds, at this time we can only allow “essential” volunteers.  This means that you will need to complete the regular volunteer requirements and provide us with a proof of your Covid vaccination.  Once that is completed, you must have a planned appt for volunteering approved by Ms. Nelsen and Ms. Jackson.  When approved you will be added to the calendar so you can enter the building. 
FY21-22 Student Device Program Fee Seattle Public Schools issues a laptop or iPad, depending on grade level, to each student yearly to ensure equitable access to technology. Each year we ask that parents agree to have a device issued to their student and pay a non-refundable fee of $25 for use, support, repairs or upgrades. All students across the District are expected to receive a device. Contact your school office for assistance if the fee presents a hardship. In alignment with Washington State Technology Standards, career and college readiness goals, and in order to address the “digital divide”, the District will provide a device to each student for use by the student. The devices will ensure our students have access to the tools and skills needed to be successful during their school career. Additional information and required forms related to the distribution of devices can be found on the Department of Technology’s Student Device Program website. Leaving the SchoolPay website may require you to log back into SchoolPay.
  • K-3 Supply Donation – Here’s the link for the K-3 donations here .  This is a requested donation to cover the cost of basic materials your children will use in class.  We do this to make sure all students have access to the same types of materials, and because at this age students use shared tubs of materials vs their own.
  1. Covid Related Safety Information – At Hazel Wolf we are following SPS’s health and safety protocols related to covid, which are determined based on recommendations from the DOH (Department of Health).  This includes how the building has been prepared and how we respond to a symptom of covid with a student, staff member or visitor.

The straight answer is each response to a covid symptom, reported contact or positive case is sent to our district contact tracers. At Hazel Wolf, we have a flow chart that Nurse Jade and our Covid Site Supervisors follow when a symptom arises at school, which occurs in our protected health care room.  If a family has questions about whether or not to quarantine then we communicate with our contact tracers, who then communicate promptly to the family. Our contact tracers are trained health professionals that follow specific protocols determined by the DOH.  Each case is different, so there aren’t clear if/then scenarios to provide. What we can assure you of is they are quick to respond, very thorough and then provide next steps for the student, family, or staff member and administration. Who is contacted and what is reported is also addressed by our contact tracers.  You can assume that your child has not had close contact with a person who has a positive covid case unless you are directly contacted.

For more information, please go to

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