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    This year Hazel Wolf K-8 has started a Family Engagement Team (FET) that is led by parents and admin is playing an active role in this partnership. The primary goal of FET is to create a welcoming environment for our students and families specifically our families of color. FET is striving to enable and empower our families through shared power and responsibility. Our emphasis is on respectful interactions and two-way communication. The first initiative of FET is to host Café sessions on the third Friday of every month (April & June 2021 date is yet to be decided). The April and June 2021 Cafés will have full admins representation.

    Hazel Wolf FET held its very first Café on February 9th. The key intention of this Café meet was to listen to our families of color about what has worked and has not worked during remote learning. We had nearly twenty families and five languages (and interpreters) present! At this session the Hazel Wolf admin team had its full representation. The admins heard that communication, trust, and follow-through are essential!

    What is the admin doing about this?

    To focus on these asks, the administration has emphasized the use of Talking Points (a tool that provides translation - it is not perfect AND is being used as a bridge). The administration is also working on developing an individualized communication plan to ensure ALL FAMILIES are connected to and understand what is happening at Hazel Wolf and in your child's class. In the future we hope to have translation available for all Hazel Wolf events.

    What to expect in the March 19th, 2021 Café!

    We will have the following menu of discussion topics for our families to choose from. 

    1. How easy it has been to keep track of your child(ren)’s grades & assignment submissions?
    2. What strategies have you used to limit your Child(ren)’s screen time?
    3. How do you feel about the return to school of your K-1 students?


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