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    What to Bring and Not Bring

    It is important to remember that you will be outdoors as much as possible during your stay at the center, so it is necessary that you come prepared. If you do not have some of the items don’t think that you need to buy them; you should substitute, improvise, or talk to your teacher.

    Prepare for the weather; it can be warm, cold, windy, rainy, sunny, or snowy in the Mount Rainier region.

    Remember that you will be carrying your own luggage, so do not bring more items than you can carry.

    • 1 small backpack
    • 1 to 2 plastic 1-liter water bottles.
    • Rain coat and pants (winter coat if appropriate)
    • 1 hat (appropriate for season)
    • warm gloves, scarf, etc. for cooler temperatures
    • 5-6 pairs of socks
    • 2 extra sweaters or sweatshirts
    • 3-4 shirts, at least one long-sleeved
    • 3 pairs long pants
    • shoes that can get muddy
    • extra shoes and a bag for the wet ones
    • pajamas
    • sunscreen
    • bug spray
    • lip protectant (ChapStick, Blistex, etc.)
    • 1 towel and washcloth
    • soap, toothbrush, toothpaste
    • comb or brush
    • drinking cup
    • sleeping bag or rolled up blankets and pillow
    • extra plastic bags for wet shoes and dirty clothes

    Optional Items

    • camera
    • binoculars
    • reading books

    Students should not bring

    • snacks, food, drinks, gum, or candy
    • Cell phones, CD players, iPods, mp3 players, electronic games, hair dryers, curling irons, or other electrical devices
    • knives or weapons of any kind