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Hazel Wolf

Special Education

Hazel Wolf Special Education Services

Elementary School Support Program

In the elementary school we serve a variety of students that need Specially Designed Instruction in one or more academic areas, social skills or organizational skills.  Students receiving resource support are in general education setting for the majority of the day, but also benefit from small group instruction, more structure, and modified curriculum and instruction.  Students may receive some time with an aide or resource teacher in the general education classroom, or out of class support with small group instruction.

Middle School Support Program

In the Middle School we serve a variety of students that need support and Specially Designed Instruction in multiple academic areas, organization, social and/or adaptive behavior. Students are able to access information to be successful in the academic and nonacademic portions of the school day.  The middle school support program is built around the needs of the individual child and may include small group instruction in their general education classes and middle school support classes, more structure throughout their school day, and modified curriculum and instruction.