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Additional Volunteer information to be posted soon!

Volunteering is one of the many things that makes a school great. Do you want to volunteer this year? There are multiple ways to volunteer with the Hazel Wolf Community!

Look for current volunteer opportunities on  our PTSA website.

You can also contact:

Room Parent:
Library Aide:
Art Room:
Garden Committee:
Recycling Committee:

Volunteer Required Documents

For current information visit the district  Volunteer Forms and Procedures

Volunteering is one of the many things that makes a school great. Do you want to volunteer this year? If so, please read the  SPS policy and complete all of the following forms before volunteering.      

Additionally one or more of the following may be required:

Please submit all completed forms to the main office.

Remote Information | School Year 20-21

Much of our current journey is new for us, providing new challenges yet allowing us to be more creative in how we choose to be present and interact with one another. Although volunteering may look and feel different for all of us, volunteers are still much needed and appreciated in these times, and will be needed more than ever in the transition back to what used to be normal for us. Here’s a quick update on volunteering/chaperoning for the 20-21 school year ❤

  1. Every parent and community member that wishes to participate in activities with students or in a school setting IS REQUIRED to have a background check performed. Whether they are making copies for staff, or facilitating  one-on-one sessions with students, they must be properly screened and have an approved background check on file prior to carrying out volunteer roles/opportunities. (This has always been the case and is a safety protocol that protects staff, students, and families)
  2. We now have 2 volunteering categories, A and B. Those that were approved to volunteer last year will need to make a selection when they re-log into their account.
    • Category A volunteers – Supervised volunteering = includes classroom or library assistance, field trip planning, office or recess support, school newsletter editor, family tech support volunteer. 
    • Category B Volunteers – Unsupervised volunteering =  includes math club coach, breakout room facilitator (in a virtual classroom), one-on-one tutor (including remote/virtual), mentor.
    • Per current district protocol, volunteer roles that involve spending unsupervised time with students (including as a remote/online volunteer), or those who will be chaperoning 3+ day overnight field trips,  must complete the national background check even if you are a long-time resident of Washington. (Financial assistance for this type of background check is available for those that need it).
  3. If you have volunteered within the last 2 years, please log into your account and select which category you would like to fall under. Please note that being a remote volunteer will require additional background check procedure to be completed. Updating your account will not only allow you to be approved for this year, but will opt you in for staying clear for the following to years. Also note that the volunteer handbook has been updated to reflect what it means to volunteer in our current climate and will need to be reviewed as part of the application process.  
  4. If you have not volunteered for Seattle Public schools within the last few years, please follow the links to the SPS volunteer section, read through the volunteer handbook, and fill out the online background check.

Please send questions to our Volunteer Coordinator
Mrs. Yolanda Jackson-Edwards