Hazel Wolf K-8

Hazel Wolf


Forms & Procedures Information


In Person Reporting Attendance

You can email hazelwolf.attendance@seattleschools.org or call the attendance line at 206-252-4614. Please report attendance, absence, or late, ahead of time. Calls are made early in the morning to check in on unreported absences. For extended trips, please complete planned absence form. This form needs to be filled out, signed by teacher(s), and returned 3 days before the planned absence  You can also check out the district page on matters dealing with Truancy.


No parking on the west side of Pinehurst 7-9 am and 2-4 pm, bus zone only.
Quick unloading zone only north of driveway on 12th Ave NE 7:00 am to 9:00 am. 2hr parking after 9:00 am.
Open parking on 12h Ave NE south of the driveway.
Open parking on 117th Ave NE between 12h Ave NE and Pinehurst except 30 minute loading zone only signs indicate.

City of Seattle signage coming soon .

Entering the Building

In an effort to keep student and staff in the building safe it is very important that all parents and visitors stop and sign in at the office. There are always new faces whether by students, staff, substitutes, volunteers, or visitors, and it is required that everyone be identified when in the building. All visitors and volunteers must sign into the main office and obtain a badge before advancing to any other part of the school. We welcome people to the school but without a badge you will be stopped and asked to return to the office to sign in. If you are just coming to pick up your student at the end of the day please stay in the hallway by the office or outside. If you need to pick up your child early please come to the office to sign them out and they will be called down to the office, you should not go directly to the classroom.

Students Arriving Late or Leaving Early

Any student arriving after the bell has rung must sign into the office and obtain a late slip to class. This includes arriving between passing periods. If for any reason students need to leave during the school day they MUST be signed out by an adult listed on their account.  Adults should bring an ID with them to verify they have authorization to pick up the student from school.

Yellow Cards for Riding a Different Bus

If you would like your child to ride on a different bus or get off at a different stop, please send in a note or email the attendance line at hazelwolf.attendance@seattleschools.org. Be sure it include your child’s full name, the name of the student they are going with, the date, and if it is different stop request (not with another student) the address of the stop. The school does not receive a list of all the stops so we will need that if it is not with another student attending Hazel Wolf K-8. All requests should be in at least an hour before dismissal to allow time to fill out cards and get them to students. We will not take phone calls for requests at dismissal time—it holds up buses or makes students miss their bus.

In The Event of an Emergency

*It’s best to ALWAYS bring an ID when picking up your student from school*

In the event of an emergency at school or within the city there is a protocol set in place for all families of Hazel Wolf to be reunified. Here at Hazel Wolf K-8 the parent/ guardian responsibility in the event of an emergency are as follows:

  1. Before leaving home be sure to have a PHOTO ID
    *Students will only be released to an adult on their Emergency Release Form with an ID 
  2. CHECK IN: If the building is untouched parents will form lines out the front doors to check in.  If we need to be out of the building the lines will form outside the main doors.
    *Signs will be posted by the first letter of the student’s last name for the lines 
    *Please line up in the appropriate lines and be prepared to wait patiently. If you have students with different last names you may pick a line. 
    * You will receive a student release/runner form that must be filled out for each student- this form will remain with the runner throughout the process.
  1. BE PATIENT: all parents/ guardians have to go through the same process to be reunified. No student will be released without going through our school reunification process. The more patient and understanding parents/ guardians are the faster we will be able to move people through the line to be reunified with their child.
  2. After check in is completed you will be directed to the Family Reunification area where your student will be brought to meet up with you. Parents/ Guardians will ONLY be allowed to pick up their student in the Family Reunification area! You will need your ID one last time at this station and also be able to indicate your destination after leaving the school.

*No matter how long some staff may know you, ID is still REQUIRED to pick up a student.  Please come prepared.