Sept 11, 2023 Weekly Bulletin

Upcoming Dates:

  • Tuesday, 9/12   Volunteer Orientation (Teams)– HWK8 Volunteer Orientation
  • Monday, 9/18    6th-grade Mt. Rainier Institute (MRI) Community Meeting, 6:00pm (in-person)
  • Curriculum Night (tentative dates)
    • October 4th, Middle School Curriculum Night (in-person)
    • October 5th, Elementary School Curriculum Night (online on Teams)
  • Picture Day
    • Tuesday, October 10, Elementary School
    • Wednesday, October 11, Middle School
  • Friday, 10/27    Hazel Wolf K-8 Skate Party, 5pm
  • Saturday, 12/9   Hazel Wolf K-8 Kraken Game, 7 pm

All School Announcements

Message from Dr. Breuder:

We are so excited to start the school year! This last week was a whirlwind of activity as our students in grades 1-8 filled our campus.  Thank you to the PTSA members who stocked our staff room with delicious snacks!

This week we welcome in our Kindergarten students, which will complete our school community.  Thank you for all your help in getting this year off to a smooth start.  I am enjoying meeting students, families, and community partners.  There are so many really wonderful things happening at Hazel Wolf, and I am so excited about this school year. 

  • Family Input Survey: Thank you for taking the time to fill out this survey.  I am learning a lot about the Hazel Wolf community! I want to provide a short summary of this survey, and also let you know how this input helps us shape our work this year. 

Families shared information about identification, celebrations, traditions, and what they love about Hazel Wolf.  Some of the things that stood out included, but were not limited to:

  • Multicultural Night was an event mentioned by almost all the families that filled out the survey.  Our staff and Racial Equity Team are definitely looking at ways to have a similar event and build upon the wealth of cultures within our community to expand on this event.  
  • E-Stem focus: Hazel Wolf K-8 is an E-Stem (Environmental, Science, Engineering, and Math) school.  Many people talked about their love for the E-Stem programming, and others talked about wanting to create an even more robust program.  This is exciting for me, as someone new to Hazel Wolf, as we re-focus some of our efforts to streamline the E-Stem program at our school.  There are so many wonderful things happening in the school that connect to the E-Stem vision; now we can make those opportunities transparent by sharing them with you, and also building upon those opportunities to create an even more amazing K-8 E-Stem program. 
  • Music and drama program: We want our K-8 music and drama program to thrive and grow! Our music and drama teachers are incredible! We are looking at ways to build this program across the K-8 school so all students have the opportunity to experience music and drama. 
  • Community events: Many families talked about wanting to bring our K-8 community together more often.  After experiencing the isolation of a global pandemic, that feeling of community is one that many of us crave.  We are partnering with the PTSA to create a calendar of events that include community gatherings that allow us to connect and have fun together.  Stay tuned for that calendar of events to come out to families!
  • Learning opportunities for parents/guardians: A number of families indicated the wish for opportunities to learn about how to best support children at home in things such as math, reading, social emotional learning, etc.  We also believe this is important, as the partnership between school and home is so important for the learning and engagement of our students. 

All of this input has been very helpful, of course! We are looking at ways to build systems to address all of the above….and more! It is no easy task, so one of the things we are doing right now is taking an assessment of where we are.  What is currently happening? What can we build upon? What should we change, modify, or stop all together? This process will then take us to creating aligned systems that bring our work back to the K-8 nature of this school, along with the E-Stem focus that is the foundation of this school. 

  • Volunteering at Hazel Wolf

Please note that we have an additional step the Volunteer Process at Hazel Wolf.  We love having volunteers at the school, but we have very strict guidelines that we have to follow in order to have anyone volunteer in any capacity at Hazel Wolf. 

  1. Fill out the volunteer paperwork and be approved by our Volunteer Coordinator, Yolanda Jackson.  Ms. Jackson keeps the list of approved volunteers. 
  • Attend a Volunteer Orientation with me prior to final approval.  This is an important step, as I have very high expectations for anyone who is interacting with our students. The safety and security of our school is my highest priority, which includes meeting with the adults that come into the school. 

During the month of September, I am holding three opportunities to attend a Volunteer Orientation.  I know there are many volunteers trying to get fully cleared, so please plan to attend one of the following opportunities.  If you plan to volunteer at all this year at Hazel Wolf, please get your volunteer clearance and approval done early!

  • Tuesday, 9/12 @ 9:30am
    • Tuesday, 9/19 @ 9:30am
    • Tuesday, 9/26 @ 9:30am

All meetings are online on Microsoft Teams.  The link is the same for all three meetings. 

HWK8 Volunteer Orientation

Thank you for your patience in this process.  Please plan to leave enough time to complete the process prior to volunteering.  We cannot allow anyone to volunteer in any capacity who has not followed all the steps in this process.  Ms. Jackson keeps the most updated lists of those who have been approved. 

  • Scent-free zone at Hazel Wolf

Due to health conditions, allergies, and sensitivities to fragrances, we are requesting that Hazel Wolf K-8 school be a scent-free zone, meaning free of perfumes and other added fragrances that could be harmful to members of our community.  Thank you for your understanding in this important health and safety matter. 

  • Arrival/Dismissal

Thank you for all your help in making sure our arrival and dismissal times run smoothly! As we move into the school year, we might make some modifications to those processes.  Our goal is to have students enter the building in a way that helps them start their day focused, calm, and ready to learn.  We also want our students to exit the campus in a similar way.  We have already seen students doing this in an organized and safe manner.  Thank you for your help!

*Please note that the ADA parking spot at the front of the school needs to be left available for those with ADA designations.  We have noticed that it is being used as a “quick” drop-off area in the morning, but it cannot be used in that manner.  Please make sure to leave it open for those with ADA requirements.  Thank you for your help in this matter. 

Elementary Announcements  ***

Middle School Announcements

  • Middle School Schedules: I know there has been a lot of communication around middle school scheduling.  I know this has caused stress for students and families, but we do believe that the classes that students have ended up in are great opportunities for students to try something new.  As we are looking at our K-8 programming across the school, this includes how our K-5 classes build into the opportunities offered in middle school.  We will continue to look at the processes for middle school classes (offerings, selection, placement, etc.) and we welcome input from families as we re-assess these processes.  

Priorities and considerations:

  • Nearly every student is in his/her/their preferred math class.
  • We honored approximately 80 PE waivers. 
  • Our schedule does not allow us to offer every elective or every core class every period. 
  • Students whose schedule changes have been approved will be notified no later than Tuesday, September 12th.
  • We have heard the feedback about Music scheduling, and we are committed to working together as a community to find solutions that work going forward. 
  • Middle School Athletics Update:  

Fall Season will now start next week, on Tuesday September 12th. Students can participate in either All Gender Ultimate Frisbee or Girls Soccer. Athletic forms can be picked up from Ms. Nelson in the gym, the front office, or by using this link Girls Soccer Fees:–24-Girls-Soccer–Fall/Sct6Ieu. Practices will be Tuesdays and Thursdays and games will be on Sundays. Paperwork and fees are due 9/15/23. If you need a scholarship to participate just let Ms. Nelson know (  


PTSA Announcements and Events

Staff Afternoon Snack Pick Me Up: Thank you to everyone who donated snacks for our staff!   Our staff felt very appreciated and were well fueled on the first day of classes.  Special thanks to Kelli Charboneau for coordinating the sign up and delivery of many of the snacks.

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Hazel Wolf K-8 Skate Party  October 27:  Join your classmates & friends for our annual Winter School Skate Party at Lynnwood Bowl & Skate. We have the Roller skating Rink reserved from 5pm-7pm. Tickets are available at the door exclusively for Hazel Wolf Students, Staff & friends. Prices will be $8 for roller skates and an additional $4 for in-lines. Please contact Sabra warren with questions@ or 206-931-3613 

Hazel Wolf Kraken game at Climate Pledge Arena December 9: We have 200 tickets reserved for Hazel Wolf families for the Saturday December 9th game at a discounted rate of $55 per ticket. Tickets are spread throughout the arena and not all in the same section. We expect tickets to sell out, so buy early.Get your Tickets HERE:…

Please contact Sabra Wen with questions@ or 206-931-3613 

Hall of Fame Team Camp After School Programs: Session 1 Registration is still open!

There are still seats available in Hall of Fame Team Camp After School programs. HOFTC specializes in enrichment, so families don’t have to “need” childcare in order to join the program! The following classes still have availability:

Monday 3:30-4:15 Chess Club (K-2nd)

Monday 4:45-5:45 Chess Club (3rd-5th)

Wednesday 2:15-4:10 Lego Robotics (4th-6th)

Wednesday 3:30-4:45 Art with Nature (1st-5th)

Wednesday 3:30-4:45 Flag Football

Friday 3:30-4:45 Nail Time

Registration closes on Friday, September 15th.

For more information and to register, please checkout our website or reach out to