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McKelvey, Jaamar

MS Sp Ed Asst

Manuel Monterrubio

Monterrubio, Manuel

Paraprofessional Substitute

Mulchi, Camille

Special Ed Asst
Dawn Nadeau

Nadeau, Dawn


Nelsen, Debbie

Principal & 504 Building Coordinator

Nelson, Patricia A.

Middle School P.E.

O’Leary, Anne

Physical Therapist

Peterman, Hillary

Teacher-Elementary Math

Petersen, Flora

Special Ed Asst

Powers, Alyssa

Teacher-Middle School Art
Rachel Projansky

Projansky, Rachel

English Language Learner (ELL) Teacher


It is a great joy to teach English to our Hazel Wolf students who speak other languages at home! Our Hazel Wolf community speaks over 35 languages and our families come from around the world. When I'm not teaching English, I enjoy nature, making music, sports, games, dancing and spending time with my spunky family.

Elizabeth Reed

Ricci, Siobhan

Teacher-Special Education-XT
Ms. Rich

Rich Caitlin


Rotton, Keri

Teacher-Middle School

Personal Message

September 2015 marks the start of my seventh year with our Hazel Wolf community. I teach combined classes of sixth grade language arts and social studies, and eighth grade social studies, working in humanities disciplines wherever I can.

About me: I can generally be found chasing after my own two middle school children (or being chased.) When not occupied thusly, I am known to read, play games, make music, and occasionally jot words upon paper.

Sanusi, Diann

Rebecca Schmidt

Schmidt, Rebecca

Middle School Special Education Assistant, Hazel Wolf K-8
Evelyn Shelby

Shelby, Evelyn

Admin Secretary/ Office Manager

Smith, Geoffrey